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37 Other Things UDS Students Are Doing When They Have An “Online Class”

We have heard a lot of people say they have a class online at a certain time so that's the reason why they can't pick calls and...
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Guys, Get Out Of The “Friend Zone” With These 6 Tips.

Are you that "hommie” that seems to be stuck in the “friend zone” with a girl you really like?There is still hope for you to get the...
Dr Vida Yakong and The Late Mrs Martha Inkoom

UDS: School Feels Like Home With These 5 Women On Campus

We have gone on and on about how we are bored and how online school dey stress and blah. Today is Mother’s Day. S/O...
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How To Keep A Friendship After You Are ” BOUNCED”

No battle is more personal and frustrating for a guy than keeping a friendship rolling smoothly after a bounce. This episode is even more punishment for females.

UDS Suspends E-Learning

The office of the Central SRC in a circular on 1st May, 2020, wrote to the office of the Senior Assistant Registrar through the Dean of Students...
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Sex Only Doesn’t Keep A Man. This Is Why.

It takes two people (Male and Female) who are have agreed to be with each other to get into a serious relationship. Sex is therefore an activity...
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The Purpose Of Fasting During Ramadan And Its Benefits

Ramadan fasting is an obligatory practice observed by the Islamic religion believers every year for about 29-30 days. This fasting is observed during the Holy month of...
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UDS Students Share What Their Turnoffs About The Opposite Sex Are.

Okay, so we hear stuff day in, day out like: "he/she is not my type", "I can't date this guy/girl", "this guy/girl just dey bore me" et...
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Some UDS Students Share Their Thoughts On Sex Before Marriage A.K.A “Testing Waters”

Testing waters basically refers to having sex before marriage. We at KuulpeepsUDS wanted to find out what students thought about sex before marriage and some answers we...

UDS: This Is How My 10K Followers On Instagram Changed My Love Life.

This young gentleman who has decided to remain anonymous shared a true-life story about how having 10,000 followers on Instagram changed his love life.