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Ladies, This Is How To Go Through Your Monthly “Red Weddings” Easily

So every month mother nature has decided to put on her wellington boots, put on some bloody warrior pants and kicks us in the innards and the...

Take A Look At Lancaster University’s Arrangements For This Semester’s Exams.

Dear Students. As you will be aware Lancaster University UK recently announced changes to their exam regulations for the Summer Term 2020. Following consultation with Lancaster University...

Take Advantage Of The Lancaster University Remote Counselling Services.

In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, Lancaster University Ghana has thought it right and wise to support the mental health of its students.

Lancaster : Ssshhhh! Never Say These Things When You Are Ending Your Relationship

  In the weeks leading up to Val's Day, who knows what your relationship status might be. Some people may draw conclusions that they didn't dream for this relationship then there...

Lancaster: 4 Ways To Move On From That Ex That You See Everyday.

When you are freshly out of heartbreaking relationship, your main concern becomes how to move on from that ex who broke your heart. For...

Lancaster: Whatever You Do, Don’t Ignore These Relationship Red Flags

The state of being connected to someone is termed as a Relationship. Belief, motivation, inspiration, strength are what sums up a relationship. It means living stronger and as a team. Whilst most of us yearn for...

Lancaster: Have You Filled The Student Satisfaction Survey Yet? Find Out How To.

Greetings from the Student Life & Careers Department. Hoping that you all are keeping safe and engaging in productive activities in these uncertain...

Lancaster: This Is How Some Students Are Spending Their Lockdown Period

Let's slide away from Corona a bit. In this quarantine season, find means to entertain yourself. If you let boredom...

Lancaster: Meet Papa Kofi Yirrah, The Future Economist Who Loves To Draw Portraits.

Growing up, my mom used a lot of flip charts and markers in her field of work to make presentations and whenever she finished using them she...

Lancaster: Students Asked Not To Come To Campus Unless Requested To.

Following the address of the 15th March by the President of the Republic of Ghana and in line with Government policy, Lancaster University Ghana will be temporarily...