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If You Are A Gamer, This List Is A Must Read!

Peeps, well it looks like schools are not opening anytime soon and things are getting pretty boring, especially for gamers ( please if a Ghanaian boy says...
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UENR: These Women Make Campus A Home Away From Home

We may love them on some days and on other days, we may think that they are being a "nuisance". All these women want...
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According To Pizza, Men Might Be Trash Or Not. Find Out Why

To consider whether men are trash or not goes back to male dominance. It is gross disrespect to women and the movement feminism....
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10 Animated Movies You Should Watch For A Change

The concept of animation or cartooning originated in the Middle Ages and was first described as a preparatory drawing for a piece of art, such as a...
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10 Types Of People After A Break-Up

Let's get this straight; omo breakups no be easy she. Well, sometimes it is a relieve to see a relationship that sucks take its last breath, other...

Save Your Lady Parts With These 7 Important Tips

Hello peeps. Maintaining a healthy vagina is something most ladies are very concerned about because hey, who doesn't want a beautiful vagina?It sometimes gets difficult because we...
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Opinion: The “Revival” Of Azonto In The Year 2020

Before we talk about azonto, have you heard about the famous triple 'A' dance ? No? That's because it was made up not...
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Update Your Movie List Because ICYMI We Are Still Staying Home

Some of us might have spent this whole period watching movies and series; both new and old. Well, we have news for you guys!
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UENR: 9 Fun Facts About “Kobe” The CEO Of Motion Captures

We have quite a number of photographers at the University of Energy and Natural Resources and they all take very good pictures. We...

UENR: Read This If You Have Issues With Your First Semester Results

The SRC Students' Academic Board brings to the notice of the entire student populace that results of semester one of the 2019/2020 academic year is provisional until...