A List Of All Songs Shatta Wale Released In 2016


After releasing almost a 100 songs last year, Ghanaian Artiste and Shatta Movement (SM) Boss, Shatta Wale, is still going strong as he continues to make hits and bangers.

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Here’s a list of songs he has put out this year.

1. New Year (Prod. by Da Maker)

2. Chairman (Prod. By Rony Turn Me Up)

3. Too Much Chemikal (Prod. By Ronny Turn Me Up)

4. Mi Love My Life (Prod. By Shatta Wale)

5. Aroma (Prod. By Da Maker)

6. Champion (Prod. By Da Maker)

7. Am Da One (Prod. By Da Maker)

8. What You Want (Prod. By Da Maker)

9. High Like Heaven (Prod. By Da Maker)

10. Long Time (Ots3) (Prod. By Shatta Wale)

11. Like You (Prod. By Shatta Wale)

12. Live It (Prod. By Shatta Wale)

13. Am OK (Prod. By Pee GH)

14. Prove You Wrong (Prod. By Shatta Wale)

15. Hope (Prod. Shatta Wale)

16.Our Names (Prod. By Da Maker)

17. Bossu (Prod. By Da Maker)

18.  Likkle Time (Prod. By Shatta Wale)

19. Tell Me A Lie (Prod By Ronny Turn Me Up)

20. Luv Mi Suh (ft. Addi Self)

21. Bie Gya (Open Fire)

22. Pull Wi Down 

23. Dancehall King 2 (Prod. By Shatta Wale)

24. Mama (Prod. By Riddim Boss)

25. Shatta Wale – Local Champion (Prod. By Da Maker)

26. Yawa (Prod. By Da Maker)

27. Womaami Tw3 feat. S.A (Prod. By Da Maker)

28. I Laff Enter Mall (Prod. By Da Maker)

29. Blogger

30. First Stone (Prod. By Da Maker)

31. Dem A Fite Ghana

32. Bingo (Prod. By Da Maker)

33. Cocoa Season (Prod. By Da Maker)

34. Bedroom Toy feat. Mimi 

35. Tail Light (Prod. By Da Maker)

36. Run (Prod. By Da Maker X Riddim Boss)

37. Don’t Try (Prod. By Da Maker)

38. Ghost (Prod. By Da Maker X Riddim Boss)

39. Pree Mi Era (Prod. By Da Maker X Riddim Boss)

40. Dem Fraid (Prod. By Da Maker X Riddim Boss)

41. Shatta Wale – Message Of Sympathy

42. If I Collect

43. Warn Dem (Prod. By Da Maker)

44. Stamina (Prod. By Da Maker)

45. Free Up Di Gaza

46. Obordorbidi (Prod. By Da Maker)

47. Fe Di Money (Prod. By Da Maker)


48. Be My Bae (Prod. By Da Maker)

49. Election Time (Prod. By Da Maker)

50. Shatta Wale – Mechanism (Prod. by Da Maker)

51. Shatta Wale – Run Dem Mouth (Prod. by ODB)

52. I Can Feel It (Prod. by Da Maker)

53. On Dem (Prod by Da Maker)

54.  Don’t Go There (Prod by Willis Beatz)

55. Winner Stay

56. Life & War

57. Kpuu Kpaa

58. Ayele

59. Champion Gal

60. Cocoa Season

61. Rise My Gun

62. Papa Twitter

63. Bronya

64. Chop Kiss

Image result for chop kiss

65. Maza Maza

66. Tsoobi

67. World Champion

68. Nana vs Mahama

69. Blood Rainfall

70. Evil

71. Kokooyi

72. Finished

73. Batty man

74. Planner

75. Salala NIGA

76. Rasta Dub

77. Mi Rich

78. Long Time

Related image

79. Come over

80. Don’t be silly

81. Don’t u want it

82. I can feel it

83. Ice cream shop

84. Road sign

85. Throwback

86. Ice cream shop

87. Tornado

88. Lock the City

89. Fly ur guys

90. Real African

91. Ejuuma No Esi

92. Reality

93. Get Lost

94. Buss them throat

95. My star sign

96. Election time

97. Be my bae

98. Stemina

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99. Bingo

100. Like a King

101. Tell mi a lie

102. First stone

103.  Dem fite Ghana

104. Champion

105. Holiday

106. Gym Your Pocket

107. Pussy Tighter

108. Mahama Paper

109. Kakai

110. By force


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